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Welcome to the American Sporthorse Registry

314 Hack Brown Road

Franklin, KY 42134


Producing the Finest Quality Sporthorses that are truly Made In America

  The ASR is not a performance registry but a group of dedicated breeders whose main goal is the production of the ultimate sporthorse of Olympic caliber. We wish to recognize and promote our own sporthorses through selective breeding and infusion of warmblood, draft, and thoroughbred bloodlines. The ASR is a new common sense and inexpensive approach to registration and record keeping for our supporters.

Eligibility for registration- Only breeding stock that is neither 100% hot (i.e. TB or Arab) or 100% cold (i.e. Draft) but is a cross-bred of  both. ASR will accept International Sporthorse Registry inspected horses. Applications for non breeding stock are not required to submit a video.

Main Book Registration- Pedigree information for 3 generations is preferred- But is not mandatory.

Elite Bloodstock- Extensive pedigree is desired, and a score of 80%.

ASR inspection may be completed by video. All segments are mandatory and any video deemed inconclusive will be rejected. Horses will be scored on conformation, movement, and personality. Inspection score must be a minimum of 65%.


    85% or Higher = Premium

75% to 84% = Preferred

65% to 74% = Accepted

Video Inspection Procedures

**Please submit video on VHS or CD**

Section 1. Clear concise video of the horse presented in hand. (Either bridle or halter and lead )

A. 1st shot- 20 seconds minimum side shot of near side of horse (left side). Close enough to have entire horse in frame, topline clearly visible. (uncluttered, contrasting background is helpful).

B. 20 seconds from 20 ft. behind the horse.

C. 20 seconds from 20 ft. in front of the horse.

D. 20 seconds from the off side of the horse ( right side ).

E. From the near side- Close up of the head, jaw, neck, shoulder, forearm, knee, cannon, fetlock, pastern, hoof (showing size of hoof, shape and angle ). Proceed to withers, length of back, topline, bottomline, length of croup to hip, stifle, hock, cannon, fetlock, pastern and hoof. Shoot video of each site separately and then zoom out to show entire section being viewed.

F. From the near side- With camera 20 ft. from horse- Turn horse to the right and walk directly away from the camera 35 paces. Camera to slowly zoom to keep horse fully in frame. Turn horse right to face camera squarely. Trot horse directly toward camera, stopping 20 ft. from camera. Camera to zoom out as horse approaches.

G. For the purpose of viewing the horse in motion- From the near side with camera 40 ft. away- Trot horse 25 paces forward, keeping horse fully in frame. Stop and turn left, to show off side of horse. Trot 50 paces past original point of origin and stop. Zoom to keep horse fully in frame as needed.

Section 2. With horse in a safe enclosed area, of 100 ft. minimum, but not so large as make viewing the horse difficult, remove bridle or halter completely, setting the horse at liberty.

A. Encourage the horse to move at the trot and canter, changing directions several times.Film at least 3 minutes of the horse in motion, and finish with horse being caught and rebridled or haltered. Attempt to capture the motion from several different angles and views.

Please Download and Print the following forms and submit with video to:

American Sporthorse Registry

314 Hack Brown Road

Franklin, KY 42134


Email To Equine Enterprises
Sandra Placco
 Franklin, KY 

*Make Check Paypable to: Equine Enterprises / ASR

A one time charge for registration of $60.00 is required.


*Please allow 45 days for processing of videos and issuance of registration certificates. All registration fees must be included with the application form unless prior arrangements are made.

American Sporthorse Registration PDF Form